Know The “Why” To Succeed!


“If you know the why, you can live any how.”

– Friedrich Nietzche

According to an IBM Study, Over 60% of corporate projects fail!  Along with that failure, a tremendous amount of time, resources and opportunity costs are also wasted.  So, what makes them successful?  According to that same study, 92% of successful change is attributed to ‘top management sponsorship’, the dominant factor identified in the study.  What is the most effective way to get top management sponsorship?  Co-defining and aligning on a unified vision.

By including those key sponsors in the process of defining the end goal or vision, they will understand the ‘why’.  And, because they help define it in the first place, they will actually help you enable the ‘how’s’!

Then again, there’s always the typical default, “Sigh…why are we doing that”?

Bring them in, imagine and build a vision together and get them pulling with you!

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