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Don’t Deprive Humanity—CREATE!

Creating from what is inside your soul and can be imagined by your mind is boundless. It is a gift if you embrace it. It will lead you to great adventures and push you to new heights you never dreamed of or thought possible before. If you repress it however, it will remain a source of frustration, a […]

Leaders: Don’t Touch That Dial…Yet!

Whether it’s creating a new solution from the ground up, enhancing an existing one or fixing a proverbial train wreck, it is imperative that a leader is very intentional on where s/he invests his/her time. Think of any effort that a leader engages in as a series of interconnected gears in a concentric construct: Center […]

Know The “Why” To Succeed!

“If you know the why, you can live any how.” – Friedrich Nietzche According to an IBM Study, Over 60% of corporate projects fail!  Along with that failure, a tremendous amount of time, resources and opportunity costs are also wasted.  So, what makes them successful?  According to that same study, 92% of successful change is attributed to […]