Don’t Deprive Humanity—CREATE!

Creating from what is inside your soul and can be imagined by your mind is boundless. It is a gift if you embrace it. It will lead you to great adventures and push you to new heights you never dreamed of or thought possible before. If you repress it however, it will remain a source of frustration, a continual burden, a constant regret.


By stuffing creativity, you shortchange yourself by not experiencing the exhilaration that can only come by embracing it. Moreover, you shortchange everyone else by not letting them experience your creation. Do you think it’s a ridiculous thought that by not embracing your creativity, you are depriving others? OK then, let’s reverse the scenario because, as with many things in life, it’s easier to see outside of yourself.

What if yourfavorite movie, painting, song, app, book, commercial, game, gadget, speech, play, musical, invention, joke, dance, documentary, act, video, drawing, picture, show or series (We’re talking Game Of !#@! Thrones here, people!)  simply never existed?

That’s right. The movie line that you and your friend always laugh about, the song that you play to get inspired before a workout, the play that has become a Christmas tradition for your family and, alas, the joke that you find hysterical but refuse to laugh because your spouse is sitting next to you. Yes, this is what we’re talking about.

How many times have those creations lifted us from our emotional abyss? How many times have they given us joy and fulfillment?  How many times have they connected us with other people thereby initiating or deepening our relationships?  And how often have they got us through a dreadful Monday Morning meeting? Dammit Jim! Don’t you see it? This is the magic of life! And, if those individuals had never embraced their creativity they would have unknowingly, but nevertheless, literally deprived our lives.

So, once again, if you don’t embrace your creativity, you will deprive yourself and everyone else. Don’t make me use another italic word here! Seriously people, don’t do this. It’s really dumb. We need you. We need your creativity. Signed, The Entire Human @!#! Race.

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